In the scientific magazine «Secretary-referent» ¹ 10 was published article by Tatiana Kruchinina the Head of department of National Archival Fund and records management «Advantages and disadvantages of electronic document management»
Deputy Director Yuriy Kovtanyuk participated in the meeting of the Scientific and Expert Council for the Development of Public Key Infrastructure Ukraine under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.
In the scientific magazine «Archives of Ukraine» ¹ 4-5 (292-293) was published article by Chief Specialist of Information Technology Alexander Fitkulin «The Choice of Technologies and Program Means for the Creating of Archival Copies of the Web Sites»
The administration and staff Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine took part in the seminar "Preventing and combating corruption with the requirements of the new anti-corruption legislation" with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice, General Directorate for Combating organized crime, the State Fiscal Service.

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17 October 2014
Second International Symposium of the project InterPARES Trust. (Victoria, Canada)
20-21 October 2014
23th IIAS Conference will be held in Trieste, Italy. More...
18-19 November 2014
Will host the XXI International Scientific and Practical Conference «Documentation in information society:effective management of electronic records» (Moscow, November 18-19, 2014)