In the scientific magazine «Secretary-referent» ¹ 12 was published article by Ludmila Palamarchuk the Head of sector use of information documents «New requirements for preparation of archivists».
Guide and staff of Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine participated in a round table on "Implementation of the Procedure to work with electronic documents in the records management and prepare them for transfer to archival storage", which was held at the State Archival Service of Ukraine.

In Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine was held meeting of the Scientific-methodological Council.
In Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine there was held meeting of Expert-Verification Commission.

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24 December 2014
At 12-00 will be held a solemn meeting on the occasion Day of workers of archival institutions.
21-22 May 2015
XV International Conference of Central and Eastern European from the cycle Colloquia Jerzy Skowronek dedicata on the topic "Manning archives in the digital world of the XXI century". (Warsaw, Poland)