In Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine was held meeting of the Scientific-methodological Council.
Director of the CSEA of Ukraine Yuriy Kovtanyuk participated participated in the seminar "Modern records management and archival affairs," which was organized by the State Treasury Service of Ukraine for employees records territorial departments of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine at the Institute of Higher Education Kyiv National Trade and Economic University and delivered a lecture "Introduction Procedure to work with electronic documents in the records management and prepare them for transfer to archival storage".
Deputy Directorof the CSEA of Ukraine Lyudmila Palamarchuk participated in a round table with experts on digital signatures, organized by the European Business Association.
Employees of department of information technology of the CSEA of Ukraine took part in the exhibitionMUK-EXPO 2015, which presented the latest software and hardware developments from leading manufacturers of information technology.


19-20 October 2015
25 th IIAS Conference will be held in Trieste, Italy.
28 October 2016
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