Consultations on the introduction of the ASKOD EDS in the archival field

Consultations on part of the implementation of the system of electronic document circulation “ASKOD” in the activities of the central state archival institutions that belong to the management of Ukraine state Archive, the Central Electric Archive of Ukraine, as the system administrator, was advised on the work of the ASKOD EQUAL to the employees of the Central State Archives of foreign Ukraine on the following issues:

  • preparation of uniform forms (templates) of documents (orders, letters, applications, etc.);
  • routes of documents movement according to their types, the procedure for signing, appointment by officials;
  • a sequence of preparation of outgoing letters and creation of registration card of the document;
  •   application of a qualified electronic signature.

Administrator of the departmental e-mail of the State Archives of Ukraine


19-22 october 2021

The International Council on Archives (ICA) has announced new dates for the ICA Abu Dhabi Congress: 19-22 october 2021 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). ICA Governance meetings will take place between 17-18 october 2021.

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