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Archives of Ukraine

Central State Archives


  1. Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine (TsDAVO of Ukraine)

    E-mail: tsdavo@archives.gov.ua

    Web: tsdavo.org.ua

  2. The History of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Archival Affairs and Records Keeping (URIAARK)

    E-mail: tsdavo@archives.gov.ua

    Web: undiasd.archives.gov.ua

  3. Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine (TsDAGO of Ukraine)

    E-mail: archiv@cdago.org.ua

    Web: cdago.gov.ua

  4. Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv (TsDIAK of Ukraine)

    E-mail: mail@cdiak.archives.gov.ua

    Web: cdiak.archives.gov.ua

  5. Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL of Ukraine)

    E-mail: archives2000@gmail.com

    Web: tsdial.archives.gov.ua

  6. Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi (TsDKFFA of Ukraine)

    E-mail: mail@tsdkffa.archives.gov.ua

    Web: tsdkffa.archives.gov.ua

  7. Central State Scientific-Technical Archives of Ukraine (TsDNTA of Ukraine)

    E-mail: cdntau@ic.kharkov.ua

    Web: archive.gov.ua

  8. Central State Archives Museum of Literature and Arts of Ukraine (TsDAMLM of Ukraine)

    E-mail: slv1@mail.univ.kiev.ua

    Web: csam.archives.gov.ua

  9. Central State Archives of Foreign Archival Ucrainica (TsDAZU)

    E-mail: mail@tsdazu.archives.gov.ua

    Web: tsdazu.gov.ua

  10. State Archives Research Library in Kiev

    E-mail: dnab@archives.gov.ua

    Web: dakiro.kr-admin.gov.ua

  11. National center for storage of documents of the National Archive Fund

    E-mail: dczd@archives.gov.ua

Regional State Archives


  1. State Archives in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

    E-mail: archive@home.cris.net

    Web: www.daark.org.ua

  2. The State Archives of Vinnytsia Region

    E-mail: vinn_archive@ukr.net

  3. State Archives of Volyn Oblast
    E-mail: info@davo.voladm.gov.ua

    Web: http://volyn.archives.gov.ua/

  4. State Archives of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
    E-mail: dado@adm.dp.ua

    Web: http://www.adm.dp.ua

  5. State Archives of Donetsk Oblast
    E-mail: donarc@ukrpost.ua

    Web: dn.archives.gov.ua

  6. State Archives of Zhytomyr Oblast

    E-mail: arhiv_zt@ukrpost.ua

    Web: archive.zt.ua

  7. State Archives of Transcarpathian Oblast

    E-mail: mail@dazo.gov.ua

    Web: dazo.gov.ua

  8. State Archives of Zaporizhzhya Oblast
    E-mail: dazo@zp.ukrtel.net

    Web: http://www.archivzp.gov.ua/

  9. State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

    E-mail: daifo@if.archives.gov.ua

    Web: http://daifo.if.gov.ua/main

  10. State Archives of Kiev Oblast

    E-mail: dako@archives.kiev.ua

    Web: http://dako.archives.kiev.ua/

  11. State Archives of Kirovohrad Oblast
    E-mail: dakiro@romb.net
    Web: http://dakiro.kr-admin.gov.ua
  12. State Archives of Luhansk Oblast

    E-mail: arhiv@mail.dsip.net

    Web: http://lg.archives.gov.ua/

  13. State Archives of Lviv Oblast
    E-mail: dalo@mail.lviv.ua

    Web: www.archive.lviv.ua

  14. State Archives of Mykolaiv Oblast
    E-mail: mail@mk.archives.gov.ua

    Web: http://mk.archives.gov.ua/

  15. State Archives of Odesa Oblast

    E-mail: initochko@te.net.ua

    Web: derjarhiv.odessa.gov.ua

  16. State Archives of Poltava Oblast
    E-mail: archives@poltava.ukrtel.net

    Web: http://poltava.archives.gov.ua/

  17. State Archives of Rivne Oblast

    E-mail: daro@icc.rv.ua

    Web: http://archiv.rv.ua/

  18. State Archives of Sumy Region
    E-mail: archives-sumy@ukr.net

    Web: http://daso.sumy.ua/

  19. State Archive of Ternopil Oblast
    E-mail: dato@ukrpost.ua

    Web: http://te.archives.gov.ua/

  20. State Archives of Kharkiv Oblast
    E-mail: daho_archiv@ukr.net
    Web: http://archives.kh.gov.ua/
  21. State Archives of Kherson Oblast
    E-mail: daxo@ukrpost.net

    Web: http://kherson.archives.gov.ua

  22. State Archives of Khmelnytsky Oblast
    E-mail: inf_dahmo@hm.ukrtel.net

    Web: http://www.dahmo.gov.ua/

  23. Kamenets Podolskiy City-State Archives

    E-mail: office@arhiv.kp.km.ua

  24. State Archives of Cherkasy Oblast
    E-mail: archives@ic.ck.ua

    Web: ck.archives.gov.ua

  25. State Archives of Chernivtsi Oblast

    E-mail: chernivtsiarhiv@gmail.com

    Web: cv.archives.gov.ua

  26. State Archives of Chernihiv Oblast
    E-mail: cnarch@mail.cn.ua
    Web: http://cn.archives.gov.ua/
  27. State Archives in the City of Kyiv
    E-mail: arhiv@arhiv.kyiv-city.gov.ua

    Web: kiev-arhiv.gov.ua/en/

  28. State Archives in the City of Sevastopol
    E-mail: arhivsev@ukrpost.net
    Web: http://sev.archives.gov.ua/


September 23-24, 2021

The 6th International Scientific Conference «Archival Studies, Source Studies – Trends and Challenges» organized by the National Archives of Georgia will take place online. Registration form. Read more.

19-22 october 2021

The International Council on Archives (ICA) has announced new dates for the ICA Abu Dhabi Congress: 19-22 october 2021 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). ICA Governance meetings will take place between 17-18 october 2021.

October 2025 

The International Council on Archives (ICA) announces that its 2025 Congress will be held in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) in October. The Congress will be hosted by ICA, Government of Catalonia, City of Barcelona and the Society of Catalan Archivists and Records Managers. 

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